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We are a small
manufacturing studio.

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From Italy with love

Leather are Natural, Vegetable-tanned, chrome-free and, of course, Made in Italy.

Full grain vegetable tanned cow leather from Italy: It is the legendary Tuscan Vacchetta.

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Made with care by spanish craftsmen

They are made with care, passion and finesse

All our pieces are made one by one. The production process is completely handmade, using ancient techniques for leather work and manual tools for leather work, sometimes hand-sewn and others using sewing machines.

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High-end quality leather goods

Our purpose

From the time we came up with the idea until the product is sold, the process goes through various stages which increase the final price of the item. We simplify the chain. We come up with, create, produce and distribute items directly to the client from the same location. We focus on the process and eliminate stages.That is how we manage to offer a product with the same quality at a much lower price.

In dephts

Everything is thinking in detail

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